Welcome to White Oak Hill Farms, Inc. We want to offer that which has been grown and raised in a responsible fashion for you the consumer. We work hard to provide a diet for our animals that is natural with no added grain, hormones, or antibiotics. We are eager to offer you, a high quality food, which we are proud to provide for our family and friends. All of our meats are nitrate-free.

As certified North Carolina Meat Handlers we sell natural grass fed beef that is lean and flavorful. Our cows spend their lives grazing pastures grown for different seasons. They are intensively rotated to ensure the health of the land and the animals. Thanks to this management of the land our cows get very little hay in the winter months and are able to graze almost year round. Our beef is federally inspected and processed in a convenient fashion.

At White Oak Hill Farms, we would love to provide for your family.
God Bless.




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